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What works for OCD

In essence OCD is an emotional bully and thrives on fear. Fear is the fuel that keeps this endless cycle of thoughts and responses to the thoughts going. The thoughts being Obsessional and the Compulsions being responses. We believe that we respond to the thoughts in order to keep us safe and prevent the worse from happening. However this only serves the beast of OCD as feeling the need to respond to the thought just confirms that the thought is real and OCD are NOT REAL They feel so real and that's why we start believing them but this is just one of the tricks that OCD will play on you and it's a very cunning opponent. When you try to fight fire with fire with OCD, the OCD will always come out victorious and leave you feeling hopeless and full of despair. Does this sound familiar? You have to be smarter than this and this is what I will show you.

A form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the method that worked for me and for countless others who have successfully overcome OCD, This is supported by clinical data and the leading professionals in this field. The two largest charities in the UK, OCD Action and OCD UK also advocate this approach. In a nutshell in order to stop the cycle the of OCD we need to break the compulsion. This may sound simple but it's not because of a thing called ANXIETY. Yes this completely makes us feel compelled to perform the compulsion as when we feel anxious it completely distorts the rational part of our brain. We must become use to tolerating anxiety and we do this by voluntarily putting ourselves in a position to experience the obsessional thoughts. This sounds scary yeah and this is why it's essential to do this under the supervision of a therapist who understands OCD. Even better a therapist whose actually gone through this process themselves like me.

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