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Types of OCD I can help

Types of Obsessions

Fear of contamination from germs, dirt and viruses eg HIV
Fear of harm ie gas is left on, electrics left on or doors are unlocked
Inappropriate sexual thoughts
Inappropriate violent thoughts
Excessive concern with symmetry
Religious or blasphemous thoughts
Urge to hoard.

Types of Compulsion

Repeating acts
Mental compulsions (eg special prayers or words said in a set manner)
Ordering, Symmetry or exactness
Hoarding OR Collection
Seeking Reassurance that everything is going to be ok
Avoiding a place or person in fear it will trigger your OCD
Checking for physical reactions in your body

The above are just some of the more common obsessions and compulsions. OCD comes in so many forms and is very good at disguising itself. Truth be told though regardless of the OCD, the method of treatment for any form of OCD is the same

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